How Many Good Years Have You LOST to Social Anxiety or Shyness?

Dear socially anxious introvert,

  • Do you hate being asked “why are you so quiet?”
  • Are you unable to hold or start a meaningful conversation?
  • Do you not know what to say in social situations?
  • Do you dread parties, events, and social gatherings?
  • Do you feeling like everyone hates you and is judging you?

… If this is you, then you must read on …

Deep down, you know your social anxiety/shyness is holding you back…

– Maybe you have trouble finding a girlfriend or boyfriend

– Maybe you’re having trouble getting the promotion you deserve at work

– Maybe you feel like no one likes you

You’ve got big dreams for your life and social anxiety/shyness is holding you back…

Fact is, your social anxiety or shyness is robbing you of the best years of your life.

And if you don’t fix it?

Instead of dreaming about your future life, you’ll dream of getting back the youth that you’re wasting away right now.

You need to make a change.

It’s still possible to completely conquer social anxiety and shyness and come out of your shell …

In fact, thousands of introverts with crippling social anxiety have become socially confident with the system I’m about to show you …

But here’s the thing… the longer you put it off, the harder it becomes to overcome.

Are you ready to stop wasting your best years and finally become a likable, socially confident extrovert?


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It’s called the Shyness and Social Anxiety System by Sean Cooper…

A powerful, scientifically backed online course that allows anyone to overcome social anxiety and develop new conversation skills, make new friends and build strong relationships.

The system was created by Sean Cooper after years of deep research and consultation with psychologists. All the principles set forth in this guide have been tested and proven by him and thousands of other people.

Sean has used them to produce outstanding results in his life and in the life of thousands of clients who have bought the guide. In contrast to other self-help guides written by people who simply want to get famous or make quick money, this system contains only specific and applicable scientific techniques that will quickly eliminate your shyness or social anxiety.

However, like other guides designed to overcome shyness, reading or listening is not enough, you need to take action to make the techniques work for you. The amount of time and effort you put into applying the techniques will determine how confident you will become. This means that you must be prepared to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

But before you head over to the product ordering page for this guide, take some time to read this review. It contains vital information about the author and its content, as well as how to use the guide to overcome shyness.

The one-of-a-kind system that has helped thousands of introverts overcome their social anxiety and shyness for good!


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Sean’s program is designed to tackle both social anxiety and shyness. Visit FixSocialAnxiety.com to learn the steps.

Sean Cooper wrote the Shyness and Social Anxiety System guide after studying every aspect of psychology to discover what works for overcoming social anxiety and shyness. Sean had an extreme case of shyness and he was able to use the science-based principles and techniques he learned over 5 years to transform his life.

Before he discovered these techniques, he was so shy that he regularly went late to class every Monday morning, just to prevent his classmates from asking him to tell them about how he spent his weekend. Also, he felt extremely shy among girls and he could not start a conversation with any girl he liked.

His social life was crippled by shyness. For many years, he could not act naturally when he was with people and his social life was virtually non-existent, he spent most of his weekends browsing the internet randomly on his computer at home. So he had to live a mediocre life till he made up his mind to build his self confidence, overcome social anxiety, and achieve his full potential.

To put an end to his low self-esteem and social incompetence, Sean spent many months studying what experts had written to discover what makes people popular. Thus, he learned how to stop being an introvert who stayed away from socializing. He acquired a lot of friends, built a great social life and even had a girlfriend, which was impossible for him to do before.

After Sean turned into an extrovert, some of his old shy friends saw the massive transformation in his life and asked him to write a book that will contain information on how to overcome shyness since he was a living witness that social anxiety can be tamed.

This led Sean to create a step-by-step system that anyone can use to overcome their nervousness, quietness, or insecurities when they are around people. The practical directions provided in this program will let you know exactly what to do in different social situations. It not only talks about the nature and causes of social anxiety, it shows you how to defeat it permanently.

Sean has created the “perfect system” for tackling social anxiety and shyness from every possible angle …

water bottle trick

Sean Cooper teaching the water bottle trick for tackling social anxiety

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Sean Cooper’s guide is divided into 3 parts. Each part provides vital information that will help you to travel successfully on the journey from a loner to social superstar.

1st Part: A Strategy for Long-term Change

The first part introduces you to the book and explains how to use the book. The book is supposed to be used as a reference material as well as a how-to manual. Sean explains that the most effective way to use the guide is to read it carefully and locate all the sections that apply to you personally. Mark all the ideas, tips, skills, and techniques that you feel will help you to improve your social life. Then take those sections write them in a note book or print them out to keep them in your mind. Read them aloud and talk about them to another person who needs to overcome his or her shyness. But don’t stop at reading. Take one idea or aspect of social anxiety and make up your mind to deal with it by applying the techniques provided immediately. Focus on one area at a time for at least one week before you start working on another area.

In addition, Sean says that you should use the book like a workbook. Return to it often. Read the parts that you want to learn and practice. Don’t stop reading the book until you have started to act on the information consistently.

The longer you do this, the more insight you will have and the easier it will be to master the new social skill. In essence, you should keep studying to improve your social ability.

After reading the introduction, you will discover the actual cause of your social anxiety or shyness and the solution to it. Sean points out that social anxiety is not a real sickness or personality trait as some scientists believe.

He says it is a learned behavior which can be “unlearned”. Social anxiety is a reaction to avoid disapproval from others. He also points out where the social anxiety is controlled in the brain so you can start learning how to switch it off mentally.

To round up the first part of the book, Sean establishes the fact that repeated exposure is the principal method to overcome social anxiety. So you should learn to confront your fear. Like he recommends, do it while you are afraid.

Sean helps you to see that the bad feelings you have and the fears that make you shy away from people are actually your best friends when you want overcome social anxiety. So to conquer your anxiety, stay on and confront the situation you used to run away from until the anxiety naturally loses its grip and drops out.

He reveals that you should start gradually and make continuous progress by repeated exposure to the situation that used to make you anxious.

2nd Part: Techniques for Overcoming Social Anxiety

The second part of the guide provides three proven techniques for reducing social anxiety. The first one is diaphragmatic breathing. Sean reveals various methods of breathing that will calm your nerves and stop you from freezing, sweating or feeling numb when you are going to face social situations.

Some of the breathing techniques include shallow breathing, breathing with your belly instead of your chest, taking long and slow breathes. Others include breathing in with your nose and breathing out with your mouth. You are advised to keep on practicing these techniques so that you can use them spontaneously anytime you start getting anxious about a particular social encounter.

The second technique recommended to deal with anxiety is muscle relaxation. Sean starts by revealing the multiple benefits of relaxation. Then he shows you how to relax your muscles. He rounds up by describing how you can bring this technique into your daily routine.

Acceptance is the third technique recommended for reducing anxiety. Basically, you should not try to suppress the symptoms of anxiety when they appear. Sean reveals the common ways that shy people try to fight with anxiety. He also shows you why it is futile to fight anxiety symptoms.

3rd Part: Changing the Way You Think

In the third and final part of this guide, you will learn how to change the way you think and fast track your progress towards becoming free from the pains and fears of anxiety.

Here, you will learn about the concept of value and how it affects your behavior. You will start to see yourself as someone of high value. With the understanding that the person you are relating with is also valuable, it will be easier to talk and add more value to the person.

Additionally, you will learn how to change your self-image from one of inferiority to one of high self-esteem. Your ability to see yourself as a person who has unique qualities, someone who is naturally attractive and intelligent will affect your ability to relate well with other people. You will learn how to avoid seeking for approval from others and start to appreciate your unique qualities.

Sean also recommends the practice of unconditional self-acceptance. To fully overcome anxiety, you will have to learn how to stop living up to the standards of others. Sean shows you how to develop this unconditional self-acceptance and how to cut yourself loose from people that make you feel inferior.

To fully overcome anxiety, Sean points out that you need to make the transition from self-consciousness to being spontaneous. You will understand why you are frequently at loss as to what to do or say when you are in the presence of others – excessive self-consciousness.

In this section, you will discover why you hesitate, why you constantly seem to be out of focus and why you don’t seem to be authentic. The major problem you must deal with here is self-monitoring. Self-monitoring leads to self-consciousness and endless inhibition. This will make you shut up, freeze or lack initiative when you are in the presence of people you will like to relate with.

Sean gives an excellent method for stopping the negative habit of self-monitoring. He shows you how you can easily link up with your natural personality.

Sean also shares some insight on mindfulness and how to become present. He reveals how to live from moment to moment and how this practice can help to reduce anxiety. He also warns that being present does not necessarily mean that we should suppress our thoughts.

In addition, Sean recommends that you should treat yourself as if you value yourself. He also gives some great advice on how to treat old friends and family members who may want to keep referring to you as shy, quiet and incapable of holding a conversation.

Transform your conversations skills, make new friends, and feel 100% normal and relaxed in any social situation…

The package contains the scientific guide for overcoming social anxiety and some other helpful reports. This system for defeating shyness is now in its second edition. The first edition has been upgraded and more bonus products have been added to the package.

The main guide is delivered inform of a downloadable e-book and audio program.
When you place your order for the guide, you will receive the digital manual and the audio program as well as the following 5 bonuses (4 special reports and 1 free subscription to a training program).

  • 10 Keys to Stop Anxiety by David Hamilton
  • 7 Conversation Secrets by Eduard Ezeanu
  • Social Circle from Scratch by Sean Cooper
  • How to Always Know What to Say Next by Sean Cooper
  • Access to Social Immersion Weekly Training for 14 days

This package is available through Clickbank with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Don’t let social anxiety take the best years of your life from you… take action now

If you are suffering from social anxiety, Sean’s system will help you to learn how to overcome your anxiety and start relating on a deeper level with people. Sean’s strong focus on facing your fear and exposing yourself more to the situations you use to dread is a far better approach than the coping techniques mentioned in other books on this subject. His conversational style will help you to quickly understand your condition and start taking steps to deal with it. Since he provides a 100% iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee, you can buy it now without taking any risks whatsoever.

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